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With the retirement of Rev. Alex Millar and his demission of the charge, St.Columba's Stirling moves into a period of vacancy under the care of Rev. Gary McIntyre as Interim Moderator. Until the end of February, regular, Sunday, pulpit supply will be provided by Rev. Elinor Gordon.

At their meeting on 6th December, Stirling Presbytery received a report and recommendations from the Ad-Hoc Committee established to consider the future pattern of worship within the centre of Stirlng.

The report recommended, and Presbytery accepted, the immediate union of Stirling St.Columba's and Allan Park South Church to form a new, united congregation, with the retention of the 'Peter Memorial Church', (the building of St.Columba's) as the location of future, Sunday Worship, as per the current Presbytery Plan.

The report of the Ad-hoc Committee further envisages, in the longer term, a possible further union of the Church of the Hoy Rude and Viewfield Erskine church with the new entity of St.Columba's/Allan Park South.

In the first instance, the new, united congregation of St.Columba's/Allan Park South has been granted permission to call a minister on the basis of a seven year, reviewable tenure. However, the process of calling a new minister must wait until a "Basis of Union" has been drawn up and agreed between the two united congregations. This is anticipated to be within the first half of 2019.

In the meantime, a planning group of ten elders (5 St. Columba's; 5 Allan Park) has been established to discuss, with facilitators appointed by Stirling Presbytery, the "Basis of Union" between the two congregations. Preliminary meetings have been held between the respective groups of elders and the facilitators, but at the time of writing no meeting has yet taken place involving the larger group.


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